7 Years Too Long

Stitched by: Monica

Pattern designed by: Monica

Since July 2013 when the Labor government declared no asylum seekers arriving by boat would settle in Australia, people escaping war and violence have been locked on Christmas Island, then Nauru and Manus Island. Some have now been resettled in the USA, Canada and other countries. Some are in Community Detention in Australia. Those who came to Australia on Medivac are mostly in detention in Mantra Hotel in Melbourne or Kangaroo Point Hotel in Brisbane, confined to a room. Some are in other Immigration Detention facilities. Is that what we want for people who seek our help and protection? Around 200 people remain waiting for resettlement in Nauru and Port Moresby. We could just fulfill our international obligations as a country who ratified the Geneva Refugee Convention and allow refugees to settle here, and make agreements to take refugees from countries where they are living without any rights, eg Malaysia, Indonesia.

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