Broken Systems

Stitched by: Singhleton

Pattern designed by: Singhleton

This piece was made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. India, like many other countries across the world, struggled in the face of this unprecedented crisis. Many social and political issues, which were otherwise conveniently brushed under the carpet, came to the forefront during these times. World over, we witnessed economic, health, social, and political systems struggling during this time and these gaps became glaringly obvious. Our systems are designed and continue to work for the privileged, often trampling over the human rights of those on the margins. The pandemic worked to show us a mirror to check these broken, crumbling systems and think about how we create systems that work for all and not just for a few.

The piece incorporates an embroidered sentence “Corona didn’t break the system, it exposed a broken system” in an hour glass shape with an element of traditional Indian mirror-work embroidery in the middle.

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