I will not keep calm

Stitched by: Catherine Manning

Pattern designed by: Magic Xstitch Blog

Keep calm and carry on is a great wartime philosophy, but there comes a point where business as usual is supporting the status quo.

I will not keep calm about entrenched power inequality. I will not keep calm about systematic discrimination. I will not just carry on while those that hold power continue to be negligent of their responsibilities.

This works on two levels for me, as I think there has been a history of dismissing women who show emotions as ‘irrational’ and ‘unstable’ rather than taking seriously concerns expressed in ways society deems unacceptable. Sitting calmly stitching has been seen as an acceptable way for women to behave, but getting emotional has not.

I took part of this pattern – https://magicxstitch.blogspot.com/2011/08/con-tanto-calor-gratis.html and adapted it to suit the message I wanted to stitch.

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