Made by a Woman

Stitched by: Nicole Kemp

Pattern designed by: Nicole Kemp

I’m beginning to explore a series of works looking at the rights, or the lack of rights, of women. I’m tired of being undervalued and dismissed because I use textiles as my main medium.

COVID has reignited and heightened my concerns in regards to the rights of women. Recently I have been exploring this using remnants and techniques associated mostly with women. It concerns me enormously, that the simple fact I choose to work in this way, immediately reduces my chances of recognition in the art world, and thereby reduces my chances of the financial benefit that could possibly come my way. I love the lusciousness of fabrics, braids, bobbles, lace, ribbons and stitch. If I loved paint, my chances of being seen in this world, would be much more likely.

WARNING: This site contains content that may offend some viewers