Stay Home Save Lives

Stitched by: Sue Morley

Pattern designed by: My own design. [I have tried to find out who took the photo but have not had a reply from the journalist who used it in an article in America.]

Very early in the shut down period created in South Australia, Australia and across the world, in response to the corona virus pandemic, it was very apparent how important all staff and personnel engaged in health systems would be in our efforts to keep the number of cases of corona virus as low as possible. This piece is an acknowledgement to EVERYONE who works / worked in hospitals during this very challenging and difficult time. I included the photo because health workers around the world needed our help so they could help us. A mutual social contract if you like. We are so lucky in Australia to have a good health system and a majority of citizens willing to stay home and play their part in managing this horrendous pandemic.

“Stay Home Save Lives” was a common phrase heard on the news media, in social media, and in the my local community.

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