Symbolic Viet Lady

Stitched by: Truc-Vy Thi Nguyen

Pattern designed by: Giang-An Hoang Nguyen

“Symbolic Viet Lady” was designed by Giang-An Hoang Nguyen and stitched by Truc-Vy Thi Nguyen.

Giang-An is a painter and tailor who lives in Vietnam. COVID-19 hit and disrupted her long-awaiting trip to join her partner in Australia. She keeps herself occupied with daily work in her own tailor shop, and trying to stay positive.

Truc-Vy Thi Nguyen is a new migrant to Australia and a new mother. She discovered that she was pregnant when COVID-19 hit Australia in March 2020. Embroidery is her hobby, and it has kept her in good mental health during her pregnancy and the lockdown. She developed a YouTube channel named “Wendy’s Embroidery” to share basic stitching techniques with a wider audience.

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