Who Are Forgotten Australians?

Stitched by: Cilla

Pattern designed by: Words my own, stitched by Nikki

I am one of 450,000 non-Indigenous Australians (now older adults), who were children that grew up in large institutions or foster care up until 1989. We number approximately 74,500 in South Australia. Included are 7,000 English and 300 Maltese migrant children, who are now of course older adults also.

Forgotten Australians also consist of 50,000 Indigenous persons, known as The Stolen Generation.

I was 55 when I attended the Mullighan Inquiry in 2008 and spoke for the first time about the abuse I suffered. Many of our fathers had returned from the Second World War and they returned with undiagnosed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. My mother left my father.

Since the Mullighan Inquiry, the Government set up a support service, called Post Care Support Service. Unfortunately the Government spend so little on support for us, as such we only have 1.5 councillors amongst hundreds of us seeking support.

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