How To Rust Fabric

Did you know that you can use rusted items to colour or dye fabric?It is really easy! You will need: Water Vinegar Rubber gloves Fabric made from natural fibres – for example cotton, wool or silk, or a combination of these. [I’d recommend smallish pieces of fabric for example 30cm x 30 cm up to […]

Hand stitching, the Slow Movement, and the time of COVID-19

Sometimes stars align, and when they do, new and positive possibilities open up. In this post I want to talk about three things that have recently impacted my life and have the potential to significantly shape the future and the role we play in its shaping. About six months ago, after visiting a wonderful exhibition […]

As I cannot write

The writer begins her meditation with the words, “as I cannot write I put this down simply and freely.” From the beginning of her passage there is doubt that her own words could even constitute writing, as is apologetically lamented in the words, as I cannot write. These words are in fact written with thread, as if to suggest that the shape of a stitch does not carry the same rhetorical weight as an ink drawn letter.

What is Craftivism?

What is your earliest memory of craft(ing)? Such nostalgic questions often bring into focus memories of sitting with mothers and grandmothers crocheting, knitting or beading… something to pass the time or to fill empty school holiday moments. For me, craft, was suffocating lace trimmed floral fabric frames and frilled toilet roll dollies scattered throughout our domestic space- meaningless ‘women’s things’. Craft was the empty, ‘feminine’ things I spent most of my youth trying to shave from my identity in pursuit of a concrete vocation that ‘mattered’.

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